Telecommunication Trend For 2019

Telecommunication Trend For 2019

TelcoIt is a great year for telecommunication companies, 5G projects have been launched and new uses cases in cloud computing and loT have seen the day of light, driving demand for high-capacity and low latency connectivity.

Telecommunication companies are now become more like software companies in order to provide faster network speeds to consumer enabling a whole host of new technologies on mobile networks.

The trend for this year should show European operators taking the lead on new network development. By harmonizing the 4G across Europe, it brought the technology together to create a very dense and fast network.

In the United States there is only a cell tower every 5-10 miles, the demand for higher demand is higher than we see in Europe. With more remotely located home, there is a sense of urgent for 5G to support fixed broadband. The same goes for China if you compare to the rest of the Asian region.

This is the reason both regions are ahead of Europe when it comes to implement 5G at scale.

Without customer demand and overcapacity on existing networks, is it possible for Europe to launch a wide scale 5G across Europe?

The next challenge is how to monetize 5G with edge computing.

We are predicting a race to see who can market the quickest 5G who will have it as standard offering first. We are already seeing testing from multiple providers across the world in isolated area, and the speed and size of the rollouts will only increase as the providers look to become a powerhouse in the arena.

How to sell it to the consumer what 5G can do than 4G cannot. 5G main benefit is to increased capacity not speed and latency.

Who is going to make use of the potential for edge computing? It is going to take monetization for telecom companies to move forward. Collaborative approach could the solution, as new technologies arrive each company will have to define the standard. his “too many cooks” approach can create significant confusion and wipe out the benefits of collaboration.

Will see how this year is going to unfold

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