Nord Stream 2 New Pressure From The United States

Nord Stream 2 New Pressure From The United States

UnderwaterThe United States is now stepping into the ring to pressure Europe to oppose the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline that is projected to be built between Russia and Germany.
The United States is citing security concerns as well as Russia becoming the major player only reliance for gas supplies. The United States is raising the possibility for Russia to covertly install undersea surveillance equipment in the Baltic Sea per Sandra Oudkirk, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy diplomacy.
The decision for the United States for such a move is being made as European Union policy makers are ready to create a policy to shield companies from the United States sanctions directed at Iran. With this bold move from the United States towards the Nord Stream 2 project, it is adding more pressure to each side of the European countries that are splits over that project. It also could have some repercussion in Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands.  With an agreement to financially support Russia’s Gazprom PJSC the Royal Dutch Shell Plc, BASF Se’s Wintershall unite and Uniper SE, OMV AG and Engie SA could potentially face the wrath from the United states. In August of 2017 a bill was passed by Congress, the new legislation was in response of Russia’s invasion into the Ukrainian peninsula and its suspected United States interference giving the government the authority to act against Russian energy projects including the Nord Stream 2.

Even though the United States is declining any false suggestions they are opposing this projected under the covert of ensuring the United States an increase on the European’s monopoly markets shares towards their own interest. Sandra Oudkirk stated the United States has always opposed the project that would make Europe vulnerable by becoming dependent of Russia.

With the latest discovery of several reservoirs of natural gas under the Caspian Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, Algeria we can definitely see how many options are available for Europe to have sustainable gas without relying on only one country like Russia.

As this latest “push” from the United states is unfolding, we should see more actions between the divided European countries over that project.  To be continued

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