Telecommunication Expansion In Africa

Telecommunication Expansion In Africa

TelcoThe Telecommunication sector in Africa and Middle East is expected to quadruple this year. The value for 2017 was $1.2 billion, the forecast for 2018 is to increase to $5.9 billion. For 2019 the expectation is to add another $5.9 billion. By 2020 it is expected to decrease to $3.9 billion.

With the expansion of technology across industries, including investment from emerging markets, Africa growing telecom infrastructure and access to online services and platforms are improving the online economy. With the increasing demand of innovative products, services and solution drives the offshore telecommunications and technology companies to target opportunities in Africa. With financial growth domestic banks are investing in new technologies.

African technology companies are focusing on offshore investments in companies that will provide access to the new technologies, markets and talent.

With the emerging technologies across industries, including agribusiness, automotive and fintech we are expecting a new growth for those sectors.

The three largest mobile operators in Africa (MTN, Orange and Vodacom) have drafted out strategies to digital transformation while looking at their share markets in each region of Africa.

In the meantime, Airtel has obtained its 4G license to operates in Niger. It will soon be launched; the mobile company has spent 12 billion FCFA for the acquisition of the new license. With the investments made in 2014, Airtel has invested a total of 34 billion FCFA for the renewal of its 2G and 3G licenses for a 15-year lease. They have spent 10 billion to extend its network over the country. Airtel is the first telecom operator to obtained new licensing in Niger.

Airtel network covers almost the entire country (18,000 villages in 264 communes out of the 266 in Niger).

MTN has reached over 80% 4G population coverage in South Africa. MTN is ready to rollout 5G in the region

Vodacom has launched its first SMS Emergency Service for the Deaf.

Microsoft has found a lucrative way in Africa that other telecoms have not tapped into. Giving access affordable (low costs) connectivity to rural areas. Microsoft goal is to archive it.

There are a lot of transformations happening in both Africa and Middle East for the telecom world. Opportunities to connect the continent can bring great wealth for the region.