Angola Water Contract Awarded to Idrica

Angola Water Contract Awarded to Idrica


Idrica, through the Aguas de Valencia & Quantum Solutions Emerging Markets Consortium, will participate in the execution of three management, operation and maintenance contracts for drinking water supply systems in the provincial capitals of Uíge, Malanje and N’Dalatando (Angola). The contracts are worth approximately 17 million euros and have a duration of 4 years. The contracts are part of the second phase of the Institutional Development Program for the Water Sector (PDISA 2), financed by the Government of Angola, the World Bank and the French Development Agency.

The implementation is carried out by the Project Coordination Unit (UCP), under the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA). The management of the three contracts will be carried out jointly by Idrica and Quantum.

Idrica joins the strategic alliance between Aguas de Valencia, S.A. and Quantum Solutions Emerging Markets, S.L. (a Spanish company specialized in the formulation, financing and execution of projects and consulting in Africa), to strengthen its presence in this region of the African continent. In this sense, it is important to mention that both companies are active in the water sector in Angola since 2012, where they collaborate in the optimization of drinking water supply services.

The contracts seek to guarantee the financial sustainability and commercial viability of the municipal (or provincial) companies managing the integral water cycle through the provision of highly specialized consulting services and the management of all technical, administrative, commercial and financial operations related to these basic services. In order to carry out these services, the consortium will move to each project a professional team composed of a Team Leader and five specialists who will carry out their field work supported by various human and material resources, and the support of the headquarters from Spain.

During the implementation phase, a change management component will be developed and implemented to increase the sustainability of the interventions through participatory processes. Special attention will also be given to the learning process to manage the knowledge and skills acquired through the training activities. The objective is to involve all staff to consolidate the changes and make a knowledge transfer to the organizations through innovative methodologies. In this sense, the team in each province will be joined by a Specialist in Change Management and Learning Processes.

This new framework of collaboration with the Government of Angola in the water sector is the extension of a long-term strategy that requires high standards of quality and competitiveness, which the Consortium began in 2011 with projects funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) and is consolidated with three projects funded by multilateral agencies as a successful strategy for the transfer of technical assistance, technology, and management capacity in a critical sector for development.

Based in Valencia, Spain – and with operations in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America – Idrica aims to become a leader in the digital transformation of the water sector, providing services and technological solutions for the management of the integral cycle.