Strategic Alliance Agreement For Control And Oil Spill Response

Strategic Alliance Agreement For Control And Oil Spill Response

Wild Well Control and Oil Spill Response Limited have signed a strategic alliance agreement, which provides an increased capability to the oil & gas industry.

The collaboration between WWC and OSRL has been strategically implemented to further enhance the capabilities of the Global Subsea Response Network’s services, as provided through OSRL’s Subsea Well Intervention Services. Designed to meet industry and regulatory expectations for an aligned and robust Source Control Emergency Response Planning solution, the partnership will offer industry best practice relating to response planning, exercises and when responding to a well control incident.

Wild Well Control is the global leader for emergency response of well control, pressure control, relief well planning, engineering and well control training services, and has successfully capped hundreds of wells worldwide both onshore and offshore.

The combined capability of WWC and ORSL, two major emergency response organizations, provides a one-stop solution to the industry, covering all aspects of emergency response, from surface oil recovery to subsea capping and containment hardware, well control and well kill operations, relief well planning and drilling, and logistics support via air, sea and land.

Robert Limb, Chief Executive of Oil Spill Response Limited, said: “The collaboration between WWC and OSRL provides the industry with the most comprehensive international solution for preparing for and responding to Subsea Incidents on a global basis. At OSRL we are very excited about working closely with the WWC team to further strengthen industry capabilities to mitigate the environmental impact of any incident.”

Bryan Ellis, President of Oil Wild Well Control, added: “This strategic alliance allows WWC and OSRL to provide a first-class full Subsea preparedness and response solution to the industry. We look forward to working with OSRL to introduce a new level of coordination and service on a global basis.”