AT&T Removing Controversial Icon

AT&T Removing Controversial Icon

Finally, AT&T is dropping its controversial 5G-E branding after pressure from competitors but also consumers it was misleading customers. When the new icon was roll-out to all customers it created a confusion that they upgraded for free to the next generation mobile network. Which in fact wasn’t the case.

Others took more serious action over concerns that the 5G-E branding may result in people believing they already have 5G and there’s no need to upgrade to other plans.

Sprint sued AT&T and claims it commissioned a survey which found 54 percent of consumers believed the 5G-E networks were the same as, or better than, 5G. A further 43 percent of respondents reportedly believed if they purchase an AT&T device with 5G-E today means that it will be 5G compatible.

The National Advertising Review Board (NARB) recommended that AT&T stops its 5G-E branding. AT&T appealed against a determination that the 5G-E badge and a “5G Evolution, the First Step to 5G” slogan were misleading customers, but it was rejected.

AT&T will stop using 5G-Evolution as part of its advertising but hasn’t yet confirmed that the 5G-E icon will be removed from devices.

So for all AT&T customers be aware the Icon 5G-E doesn’t mean you have the 5G.