Dupont Water Solution Scientists Named 2020 Heroes Of Chemistry

Dupont Water Solution Scientists Named 2020 Heroes Of Chemistry

DuPont Water Solutions scientists Dr. Steven Jons, Dr. Tina Arrowood, and Dr. Steve Rosenberg, recently received the prestigious American Chemical Society (ACS) Heroes of Chemistry Award, representing generations of technology advancement in the field of water filtration and membrane science.

All three chemists were recognized for their key contributions to the development and commercialization of nanofiltration products for the purification of municipal drinking water, treatment of offshore oil and gas production water, dairy production, and wastewater reuse.

Nanofiltration — a membrane liquid separation process that rejects dissolved solutes in the approximate size range of one nanometer — is a relatively new chemistry-based technology. Since its first use, nanofiltration products have had a tremendous impact on the safety of our drinking water, the production of the milk on our tables, and the collection of the oil that powers our lives.

“We’re proud to have some of the most innovative chemists working with such a sense of purpose to solve global challenges for the purification, conservation and reuse of water,” said HP Nanda, Global Vice President & General Manager, DuPont Water Solutions.  “Nanofiltration is poised to continue to make a global impact — being a component of solutions to address water scarcity, more sustainable use of energy, and world-wide food supply shortages.”

DuPont is a leader in water purification and separation technology including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. DuPont’s nanofiltration membranes are part of the company’s FilmTec™ portfolio of products, which are recognized globally and known for consistent and reliable performance.

Heroes of Chemistry is an annual award sponsored by the American Chemical Society that recognizes the role industrial chemical scientists and companies play in improving human welfare through commercial innovations and products. Award recipients will be recognized at a formal ceremony in August. Learn more at