Huawei Strike A Deal With Russian’s Biggest Phone Carrier

Huawei Strike A Deal With Russian’s Biggest Phone Carrier

In an interesting turn of even Huawei will build Russia’s 5G network biggest carrier.

It looks like Huawei is going to be surviving after all. Even though countries around the world have been turning their backs on the company to provide hardware for the 5G. Russia has step up to the plate in a surprising turn of event. Signing a 5G development deals with MTS, Russia biggest mobile operator. This happened while Chinese President Xi Jinping was on three days visit in Moscow. By signing the deal China and Russia are becoming closer allies but also unites two of their respective companies.

Russia leader Vladimir Putin stated the cooperation between Russia and China is now “at an unprecedentedly high level” its doe not come as a surprise since other countries around the world have taken their distance with Russia’s bullying politics. The sentiment of a closer relationship was echoed by president Xi. Both countries appear to be finding comfort from American aggression in each other’s arm’s

It is an unprecedented relieve for Huawei by securing the deal from an avalanche of bad business news that was triggered by US President Trump’s harsh rebuke and prohibition. Monday June 3rd Huawei is selling its undersea cable business, which per analyst interpretation is being the last partially motivated by the Huawei negative view of the world on the brand.

Huawei has been reducing its smartphone production orders with Foxconn, owing to its loss of Android license from Google that allows it to ship devices with pre-loaded Google apps and services.

Japan has opted to purchase equipment from Nokia and Ericsson equipment instead of Huawei which had provided until now the 4G infrastructure for the carrier. With this latest agreement it is helping the company to stay afloat, but it doesn’t mean they are going to gain any market share anytime soon.

The saga to be continue