Delay In Philippines Telco Awarded Bid

Delay In Philippines Telco Awarded Bid

TelcoA delay was issued by Beijing in the second Belt and Road Initiative by the congressional franchise. The implementation project is being pushed due to the consortium members that were named winners of the Philippines’s third mobile license late last year. The award contract worth $5.4 billion investment agreement was launched by the Duterte administration last year to challenge the front runner PLDT Inc and Globe Telecom.

During the meeting China’s ambitious infrastructure lead by Dennis A. Uy led to the agreement his companies Udenna Corp and Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. with partner China Telecom, represented by its chair Ke Ruiwen.

“The signing of the investment agreement reiterates the group’s commitment to take up the challenge of providing better telecommunications services in the country,” said a statement issued by the group on Saturday April 27th

The bid was won via Mislatel consortium, named after the telco franchise holder Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co. Inc.

The award of frequencies and rollout of telco services has been delayed it was scheduled to begin the first quarter 2019. The delay was caused to the transfer failure of ownership of Mislatel’s franchise within the DICT’s targeted time frame

Mislatel committed to invest P27 billion and bring coverage to 84 percent of the Philippine population with five-year period.

The company also committed to a minimum speed average of 27 megabits per second (Mbps) within the first year. Expected to increase up to 55 Mbps, which is similar to Singapore and South Korea.

Its rival PLDT has announced a spending capital of P78.4 billion for this year alone to upgrade their network.

The chairman Uy, has welcome the agreement news as an historical occasion. Bringing them closer to their vision to improve lives of Filipinos.