AT&T Member Of The Global Telco Security Alliance

AT&T Member Of The Global Telco Security Alliance

TelcoAT&T became the first North American telco to join the Global Telco Security Alliance, that was launched last year.

Etisalat, Singtel, SoftBank and Telefónica are the founding members of the security alliance when it was announced last April of 2018. AT&T is joining the group as an equal member.

The Alliance is a way for service providers and other organizations to share information related to cybersecurity attacks The Alliance brings leading telecommunication operators from around the world that offers comprehensive cybersecurity insights to help address them in the ever-growing and changing threat landscape.

With AT&T the security alliance is creating an extensive cybersecurity capabilities and technologies. AT&T increased its cybersecurity capabilities with last year’s deal to acquired AlienVault a Cybersecurity company for an undisclosed amount.

AlienVault develops tools that identify and manage cyberattacks through its Unified Security management platform.

The members of the Alliance now cover more than 1.2 billion customers in more than 60 counties across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The expertise of more than 6,000 security experts and a global network of more than 28 Security Operations Centers.

The global Telco Security Alliance plans to expand its scope of activities and global footprint over the time and is “open” to adding new members in the future.

“Cybercriminals have well established and organized communities that cooperate to produce cyber threats and it’s time large network operators work together to help deliver disruptive innovations and enable our global customers to detect and respond to threats faster and protect their digital footprint,” said Barmak Meftah, president of AT&T Cybersecurity,