New Decommission Facility At Port Dundee

New Decommission Facility At Port Dundee

DecommissioningDundee plant is going to dismantle North Sea Oil and Gas facilities. An agreement with Forth Ports is for a two-acre site will be up and running next year.

£5 million investment will be made by the Aberdeen-based company and Fort Ports which include the creation of a purpose-built concrete pad.

An anticipated 10 jobs will be created initially with the prospect of further posts being created as operations develop.

John Lawrie is one of the country’s leading metal recycling companies, that processed annually around 200,000 tons of metal. The company operates in four sites including Montrose in Angus.

The company is going to use the Dundee location to dismantle obsolete infrastructures brought ashore during oil and gas decommissioning projects and also for metal processing operations.

Dave Weston, John Lawrie Metals managing director, said: “This significant investment underlines our commitment to support the oil and gas decommissioning sector and forms part of our long-term strategy to develop John Lawrie Group’s operations across the country.

“Operating facilities in close proximity to Scotland’s major ports also acknowledges the strategic importance we see them continuing to play as part of the country’s infrastructure.

“Over the coming 12 months we will be working closely with all of the relevant authorities and licensing bodies as we finalize plans for this development in Dundee.

“Our aim is to maximize the amount of materials that are reused and recycled, in order to minimize the volume of waste sent to landfill, helping to create a greener and more sustainable economy.”

Decommissioning work at Port of Dundee have been previously carried by John Lawrie Group. 500-ton offshore module was dismantled in 2015, with the material transported to the firms’ Aberdeen metal recycling facility here the redundant North Sea structure as fully processed and recycled.

The firm recycling rates is around 98% on decommissioning project, by providing this kind of services Forth Ports is developing a full-service oil and gas decommissioning hub at the Port of Dundee. With the opening of the facility in 2020 Port of Dundee’s goal is to support the North Sea oil and gas decommissioning sector.