New Gas Discovery In The North Sea

New Gas Discovery In The North Sea

OilTotal has made significant new gas discovery in the coast of Britain and the North Sea Glengorm prospect with partners including China’s CNOOC. The recoverable resources are estimated at around 250 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe). With further drilling and testing it might carry out to appraise the resources and productivity of the reservoir.

In the latest statement from Kevin McLachlan, Total’s Senior Vice President for Exploration; “Glengrom is another great success for Total in the North Sea, with results at the top end of expectations and a high condensate yield in addition to the gas”.

The discovery is close to extend infrastructure operated by Total and offers tied-back possibilities. The Elgin-Franklin platform and the Culzean project are scheduled to start production this year per the company statement.

Britain’s Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) welcomed the discovery as it underlined the area’s potential.

Per Andy Samuel, Chief Executive of the Oil and gas Authority; “Our official estimate is that there still remains between 10 and 20 billion barrels plus to be recovered, so there is every chance of yet more significant finds, provided industry can increase exploration drilling”.

Senior Analyst at Wood Mackenzie, Kevin Swann, stated that 250 million boe, Glengorm was the largest gas discovery in the United Kingdom since Culzean in 2008.

“This was the third time lucky for CNOOC at Glengorm. Technical problems saw it try and fail to drill the prospect twice in 2017, so persistence has paid off. This is a good start to what could prove to be a pivotal year for UK exploration with several high impact wells in the plan,” Swann stated

Total holds a 25 percent working interest in Glengorm.