Ghana – Takoradi Port To Become A Major Player In the Western Region

Ghana – Takoradi Port To Become A Major Player In the Western Region

OilThe Takoradi Port is changing its infrastructure by gradually upgrading its equipment, the port planning on becoming a hub that will be the host for many oil and gas companies including industry players in the Western Region that will be creating new jobs.

The port is seeking partners to help to move to its next stage by becoming the oil and gas hub that will support new and emerging industries as well as the current exploration of the onshore Volta Basin.

Per the GNPC, six blocks have been earmarked for oil and gas development in the Western Basin.

Per Captain Afedzi comments at the 2018 Press Soiree to brief the Regional Media on activities and performance, the port has increased exponentially. It is starting to attract investors and will enhance the livelihood of indigenes through job opportunities.

The Board of Management of the GPHA were committed to develop the Port to become the best and safest in the Sub-Region with the many initiated development projects.

The total vessels calls have increased from 15% in 2017 1365 calls were listed to 1565 calls in 2018.

The Takoradi Port continues to provide cost efficient operations for the gas and oil industry, with the construction of the one-million twenty-foot multipurpose container terminal in joint venture ship with Ibistek my start in 2019.

“With the singing of the agreement, I am reliably informed that Ibistek has initiated negotiations with world acclaimed maritime infrastructure development group Jan De Nul. The issue of continuous breakdown of mobile harbor cranes which become a major hurdle for the port operations had been fixed”

While new business is developing quickly, we can see the port is now moving forward to upgrade its infrastructure to meet the needs of oil and gas operators but also ready to expand access for new business become a strong player but also the number one hub in the region.