Implementation Of The 5G In Asia

Implementation Of The 5G In Asia

CityAsia is gearing up for the 5G

Three countries have aligned together to collaborate on the standardization of the 5G technology

China, Japan and South Korea are currently teaming up to create a new landscape by working together on communication policies and regulations. By working in symbiosis to implement 5G across the region, it is the best approach for the three countries to dominate the region. It is going to provide a lower roaming fees between each country, also facilitating the deployment of the 5G and other advanced technologies at the head of the 2020 Summer Olympic in Tokyo and the 2022 Winter Olympic in Beijing.

The nation’s three mobile operators SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus are expected to participate in the auction South Korean ICT ministry has set up for June 8th. The auction gears toward the spectrum in both 3.5-Ghz and 28-GHz bands

While these three countries are working in symbiosis, Chinese vendor Huawei is now facing another challenge this time from Australian politician.  Going over the company relationship with China’s government that could pose a national security risk and should be excluded from the Australian 5G market.

Michael Danby a member of the in-opposition Labor party, called on the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to bar both Huawei and ZE from the market.

His concerns are based on protecting Australia’s 5G network to be sold to Huawei and ZE. He raised the implications of the sales of the 5G network to state-owned enterprises or china-based companies who are effectively controlled by Beijing.

Huawei was banned from participating in Australia’s National Broadband Network project by then communications minister and current prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Australia like the United States are keen on national security effort and is most likely to continue in the footstep of the United States to crackdown on using equipment from the Chinese vendors.

As Huawei is trying through its chairman John Lord to appease the misconception about the company. He noted they are already a major supplier or equipment for Australia’s 3G and 4G networks that fully complies with the law.  If they are banning to participate in 5G market it could have a negative impact on the company.