2018 Global Telecom Governance

2018 Global Telecom Governance

TelcoMassive digital transformation across the telecoms world is happening, its status in our economies is stronger. With the ever-evolving internet movement, we are seen cloud technology, Big Data analytics and machine to machine implementation across industries.

Telecoms infrastructure and digital technologies are leading the way. Industries are changing the way they are conducting businesses. The shift towards digital technologies continues to rise including the way we are communicating, conducting business, socializing even healthcare and education have seen a tremendous change to keep up with the competition. Cities around the world have changed their infrastructure to support the future smart cities.

Telecoms are focusing heavily on customer retention, infrastructures are still a key element to keep their current customers by continuous improvement of their mobile and broadband infrastructures. With Apps and digital technologies, including video streaming, it will continue to add pressure on infrastructure and bandwidth.

Telecom operators are looking to generate new revenue by moving into vertical or international markets. Therefore, we are going to see an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions this year. Repositioning themselves to grow their market shares.

Also, 4G LTE implementation is happening around the world, the next focus is toward the 5G. Which is and will remain the focus for this year. In London, Cornerstone Telecommunication infrastructure is going to install 5G access point throughout the city.

Most operators in the emerging markets are primarily going to focus on mobile infrastructure with lower priced smart phones. In Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East the mobile broadband infrastructure has become increasingly higher due to the increasing usage of its large populations.

Virtual Reality which started in the gaming world has now reach businesses. It is used to share tours of facilities, product simulations. It has been wildly used into medical world. Virtual Reality could become the next step for businesses to communicate with their customers. Companies could remote employees saving them travel time or limit themselves to local based employees.